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The symbolism of the column and the lioness of Girona (Catalonia)

The symbolism of the column and the lioness of Girona (Catalonia)
Because they say lioness, could not it be a lion?

 I Can you find a symbolism with a meaning that relates the column of "the Lioness of Girona" and the Lioness of Nimrod, planted like a column with a snake in the right hand?
I am studying the Zodiacalist culture related to Hellenism, the Romanesque art of the Pyrenees - Occitan, Navarrese, Aragonese and Catalan - and the zodiacalism of the Mesopotamian culture related to the Tower of Babel and King Nimrod. I have raised a question: Can there be any interpretation in tune with the lioness of Nimrod and the lioness of the Girona column?
The lion with zodiac criterion represents the Sun

Representation of the zodiacal wheel in Romanesque art

Romanesque Church of Sant Pere Galligants Girona
The column of the Lioness is located nearby

    Paving Stone in the temple facing altar of the romanesque church of Sant Pere Galligants

I hope to have more details in the next book

Jordi Salat