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The Law of Deception

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 I am pleased to present in this blog the translation into Spanish of some texts of my book  “ The leaves of the tree"  Dialogues  whit H…  

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The Law of  Deception

J.-The Spanish politician has said, in his speech, that he is willing to dialogue, to speak, as long as it is done within the legal framework.
H.- Dialogue must be done within the Rational, not within the Legal. Speaking means transmitting ideas, thoughts, feelings, wills, desires, which, in my opinion, aim to give shape to a Reality full of Breath.
J.- When you say Breath, do you mean the Breath, which is sometimes called Spirit?
H.- Yes, this one I mean. It is the Life that is revealed through the Word - when it is spoken -, the Word - when it is written. The Law and its legal frameworks that do not have this Breath in their essence, kill the Spirit.
J.- I read Montaigne and I think he meant this when he talked about the "spirit of the Law".
H.- Montaigne, was from the 16th century, an Occitan from Bordeaux; Miqueu du Montanha should be told, in occitan language ... Other teachings you have received that have told you about this ones
J.- Yes, it's true. I was taught in a Christian school, and one of the teachings I received was a phrase attributed to Christ: The Law kills, the Spirit vivifies.
H.- And, has any Christian politician refuted the politician E with this argument?
J.- No, as far as I know. Furthermore, I believe that Christianity has been adulterated. The message has been perverted. A Great Deception dominates the world. Humanity has been and is being deceived.
H.- And the "deceivers" have made their Law, "the Law of Deception"
J.- And ..., they ask to speak only within the "legal framework" ... This is Diabolic.
H.- Have you ever thought that the Antichrist dominates the World?
J.- Yes. And, I read a book by a religious named Arnau de Vilanova who dated his presence in the 14th century
H.- What is the reference framework of Arnau de Vilanova?
J.- Its frame of reference is difficult to identify. The same Perverse Power adulterates the origins of the great characters of History. I have written his name in Catalan because everything I have read about him fits in the History related to Catalan.
H.- Someday we will talk about the referential framework of Catalan.
J.- Is the legal framework with Catalan references different from the legal framework with Spanish references?
H.- Yes. It is necessary to go back to the origins to discern what is Truth of what is Falsehood. This is the framework that brings peace to the world: "the framework of the True". We have to talk about "the essential norms" and not about the "legal norms". The Being is Life; The Law, when it is just, is also essential but it is not static, it is dynamic: it changes as the reasons become evident in the passage of Time. And, they do it in the feeling, thinking and willing of people or people. Encouraged, through the Genius of each Place.
J.- Also, that was taught to me in the Christian framework: the Truth will set you free.
H.- This is the framework within which one must speak and not within the framework of the law, which, at this moment, and in many States and Nations of the world, is a Law that justifies Deception and Evil, the Diabolic